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PODCAST: I interviewed Justin Mitson on AI adoption and its implications for corporate leaders (and everyone else)

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PODCAST: I interviewed Justin Mitson on AI adoption and its implications for corporate leaders (and everyone else)

We discussed a wide range of business and ethical issues critical to understanding how Artificial Intelligence fits into the real world.

Justin Mitson is a technologist and author of the book Corporate Strategy in the Age of AI. In this wide-ranging interview, we discuss everything from corporate adoption of AI to the ethics and morality of many use cases that are no longer futuristic — they are here today.

This was a really fun and interesting dive into these topics and more. There are some links for related reading:

  • Should every corporation now have a Chief AI Officer?

  • What do corporate leaders need to know TODAY to adjust quickly to the brave new world we’ll already be in by about 8:00 am TOMORROW?

  • Is artificial intelligence really just a math algorithm?

  • Can artificial intelligence ever become conscious?

  • Can AI ever emulate human morality?

  • What content should AI be learning from, and what are the intellectual property ground rules going forward?

  • Can an AI ever be allowed to be “given the keys” to make life or death decisions?

  • What basic rules should an AI be forced to abide by to keep it from getting out of control? Do we need to dig up Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, as the Will Smith movie I, Robot did?

  • Should we fear AIs or should we fear their creators, owners, and operators?

  • How can an AI be debugged that has already learned from bad content to be abusive of human users?

  • Is it even possible to debug once the data files get too large for humans to pick through endless tables of raw data?

  • Should the next consumer-facing AI product be an AI-sniffer to detect and/or block AIs from social media accounts, especially for minors?

I think everyone will really enjoy this interview, regardless in the reason for your interest in AI.

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