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PODCAST: How churches and nonprofits need to use Substack to grow support and engagement

PODCAST: How churches and nonprofits need to use Substack to grow support and engagement

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So — If you are a church or ministry leader, or you lead a non-profit that could use more support and engagement from the community, you really should get acquainted with Substack.


In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why Substack is ideal for churches, ministries, and non-profits

  • How you can increase public interaction with your message and your content

  • How to turn that interaction into regular financial support for your cause

It’s not all about fundraising, either. That’s just a side benefit, although an important one for many ministries. The great thing is that you can use Substack to engage your readership and audiences for all of your content — written, audio, and video.

Your followers on Substack will engage because they already support your cause, and therefore are likely to help you as a volunteer or ambassador for your message.

Note that Truth Delta is not itself a ministry, but I have spent much of my life doing personal ministry and helping organized ministries like churches and non-profits.

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