First, a little about my background

I’ve been following current events since my political coming of age in the 80’s under Reagan. Since my first op-ed, published in the Orange County Register many decades ago (available to paid subscribers), I have always had ideas in my head that overflowed into my conversations with friends and family, and eventually onto the written page.

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Professionally, this led me to a strong interest in public relations; essentially the art of pitching or influencing articles about companies and causes I believed in. Some of that was as an employee, pitching articles about my employer, an architect with an impressive list of A-List clients that included Paramount, CBS Studio Center, Warner Bros., Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios, and Los Angeles Studio Center.

Other times, my role was as an independent consultant, and other times as a volunteer advocating for something near and dear to my heart, like kids in foster care. I’ve helped journalists with background information for articles they were already writing, as well as for feature articles in the Wall Street Journal and local newspapers that I pitched to them.

I say all this just to let you know the road I’ve travelled as a writer and a professional. If I’m going to ask you to invest your time reading what I have to say, I think it’s fair you know what makes me tick—and that has always been ideas put into words.

While my subjects of interests started with politics, they now include too many to list—I’m a curious soul, shall we say. But politics, history, philosophy, theology, and science would probably make my top five on most days. Some days I’m even drawn to go deep on bioscience or quantum theory. (Don’t worry, see my promise to you below.)

I am intrigued by ideas that challenge mine

While writing is a passion for me, I’m not so arrogant as to think I have all the answers to life’s mysteries. I truly enjoy conversation, both with those who agree and those who don’t. If we only read and converse with people in our own tribe of thought, our ideas are never challenged. I believe this grows a sense of complacency; a false confidence that we are right, produced by the echo chamber of our own making.

Some of my most cherished periods of growth have been the result of reading and experiencing things that challenged my thinking. I strongly suggest making this an intentional practice in your life. Maybe I will challenge your thinking, or maybe you’ll challenge mine. Either way, I believe we can both be better for it.

My promise to you

I aim to keep Truth Delta interesting for all readers, not just those with similar interests and passions. This may seem like a tough promise to keep, because I’m obviously not an expert in what interests anyone but me. But if a subject is boring or unimportant to most people, I probably have a clue that it is, and will try to either approach it from an interesting perspective, or avoid it.

I’m not here to waste your time or mine by writing or commenting about things that no one is interested in reading. I regularly go through my article stats to see which topics generate the most interest (or not), and take that into account for future articles. If I find a subject interesting and important, chances are I’ll take a crack at it, and see if I can pique your interest as well.

Perks for subscribers

Don’t be embarrassed about subscribing for free—we all have limited budgets, and I do, too. So never feel pressured to move from free to a paid subscriber. But if you do support my work in that way, then you’ll get some really cool goodies I’m working on.

1. Ebook downloads for paid subscribers

I have a huge interest in making public domain works that have impacted my thinking available to you as well. I’ve already started several ebook projects toward that end. My first round of ebooks will be finished in early 2023, and paid subscribers will have access to download them for free. I hope to get them onto Amazon for purchase by others who don’t wish to subscribe, but I think this is a good incentive to get your copy first as a subscriber of Truth Delta. Stay tuned for the first titles to be released!

2. Read old articles

Where available, I will be making some of my older articles available to paid subscribers. Many are opinion-editorials from the Orange County Register back in the 1990’s. Some are articles advocating for foster kids, and published in newspapers in the state of Idaho.

3. Unlimited access to the archives

In an effort to allow free subscribers as much access as possible, the archives will be free for a month after publication. This includes future podcasts and videos. However, it is fair to give paid subscribers an extra perk. Paid subscribers will have unlimited access to Truth Delta archives of articles, podcasts, and videos.

4. Chat with me

I’d love to get topic suggestions and private input from paid subscribers. I also think it would be fun to hold group chats as an extra perk.

Perks for Founding Members

I have a lot of projects in my head, and one is to not only turn public domain works into ebooks for my readers, but to produce them as audio books. I’m a busy person, and while I love the idea of sitting down with a physical book, I also enjoy the convenience of listening to them while I’m doing other things.

This project is a little further out, hopefully later in 2023, but Founding Members will be an important part of incentivizing me to put this work on the calendar and get this done. If you are interested and able to become a Founding Member, you are very much appreciated.

Let the truth change you

Will you come join me on this journey? I think it will be fun and rewarding for both of us, and maybe together we can have a tiny impact on this huge dysfunctional culture we live in. Or maybe a HUGE impact. I’m willing to think big.

But either way, I promise to make it as interesting and meaningful as I can.

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I was told when I first started Truth Delta that truth-telling doesn’t have mass appeal. Prove them wrong.


I was told when I started Truth Delta that truth-telling doesn’t have mass appeal. Prove them wrong.